Monday, June 29, 2009

The Gift that Gave

So a little bit ago I signed up on my aunt's blog when she posted "The Gift That Keeps Giving" post... fully knowing that she would blow me out of the water with what she would create..

And I was correct...

I received a text from her when I pulled into Utah on my way to Idaho for my Ashton Family Reunion telling me that it was on it's way to me. So I was very excited to have it waiting for me when I got home. I called my mom after the week long reunion and she asked if she could open it up because SHE wanted to know what was inside. So i did have an idea of what was there... but I had NO idea how much work she put into it.

Ann managed to combine my favorite things... scrapbooks and my NIECES!!! She did a whole book of the cute girls with lots of room for additional photos...

I've taken some pictures but they won't do it justice to the amount of pages and cuteness.

Some of the extra pages to add to

Man I love those girls!

So this post is not only to THANK my Aunt Ann for the amazing book, but to also inform those who signed up for my post that you will not receiving anything as awesome as this.

But her gift has sparked my desire to get my gift out. So it's in the works and also.. not that I think that many people read this.. but I do still have two spots left if anyone is interested.

Thanks again Aunt Ann... I have such great aunts to aspire to be like and you are on the top of the list... you're the best! LOVE YOU!!


Ann said...

Audi, you are too kind. It was definately my pleasure to make the album for you. I know how much you love those sweet nieces and how excited you are to have them moving at least a little closer to you. Enjoy! I love you lots and miss you, too!

Allison said...

Cute book and cute girls. What a fun way to scrapbook them. I bet you guys are getting excited to have them a little closer to you in Texas! Hope you're doing well.