Thursday, April 3, 2008

Why I lucked out with my sister-in-law

So my brother is married, and at first the whole Kyle's getting married to someone i don't even know thing freaked me out. He had proposed before any of us had even met her... What if I hated her? There was a small possibility of that too since I sometimes have a hard time getting along with people... And I must admit... that first meet and greet was a little bit hard.... Here was this girl I had never met... hanging all over my brother... sleeping in our house.... and intending to spend the rest of her life as a member of our family... but in the back of my mind I always knew it would be okay... Kyle's a smart kid, he's not gonna pick a bad wife... but it was still a bit unsettling .... needless to say I got over it and now hold her in the highest regard.

My favorite thing about Michelle... well one of... is that she indulges me with my love of American Idol and
Dancing with the Stars... (p.s... I think Mel B should have won last year) ... she watched the shows with us for only ONE WEEK and she knows all their names and stories...i love that we can talk about that.... so now I call her every week with her daily dose of worldliness he he .... but that just makes me happy that she took such a strong interest in it... even tho Kyle thinks we ruined her... but the damage can't be that bad... they don't even have a TV for her to watch it on... so instead of wasting hours a week watching the performance shows and the results show..she just spends ONE hours talking to me about it he he

Honestly, she's a gem. Kyle knows how to pick 'em. I don't believe in soul mates or a "perfect" match.... but they come pretty darn close to it. The just fit ya know... so much that I don't have a problem at all making fun and teasing her just like I do to Kyle. But here's the thing.. she may not know I'm kidding all the time...Kyle has had the chance of getting to know me for the past 23 years and know my sense of humor... but she doesn't... but here's the other thing... she acts like it's fine... which is good.... but deep down I hope she knows how lucky I feel to have her as my sister-in-law... she makes Kyle so happy and in turn makes us really happy... I hope she knows that!